What is This?

Fire Emblem: Cycle of Remorse is a Fire Emblem fangame created by PKLucky and built with LT-maker/Lex Talionis by rainlash. It is NOT a ROMhack. No emulators or patched ROMs required to play!

This webpage aims to be an all-encompassing database that includes all information about the fangame.

This database is written and maintained by the creator themselves.


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Current Version: v0.7.1


Within the continent of Yondo lies five nations: Merinas to the north, Fuegsol to the south, Foliaga to the east, Oregot to the west, and Medeas in the center. Krista, the princess of Medeas, sets off to investigate mysterious happenings going on in Foliaga. She soon discovers that there may be more going on underneath the surface of Yondo's supposed peaceful era. Though, Krista herself also has something she has to hide...


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