OCs, Self-Inserts, and Lore

Info for my OCs and S/I's can be found here! Worldbuilding stuff for my original stories can also be found here!

Original Works

Ocean Crest and the Piercing Blade

A WIP Fire Emblem Fangame taking place in the continent of Yondo. Lady Lucky, heiress of the central kingdom of Medias, fights against a mysterious group bent on world domination. Along the way, traces of her dark past that she runs away from come back to haunt her.

With Souls Intertwined

An original story about the mage Kiki Cruz, her two familiars Forrest and Kai, and their quest to defend the world from evil magical forces plaguing her hometown.

Miscellaneous OCs

Original characters who aren't part of any aforementioned work.

Self-Insert Profiles

Fan Kids