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Buttons and Blinkies


Eat ass!!!


Google Chrome can suck my NUTS!!

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Pixel Adoptables

Conch shell Beach ball Dolphin Palm tree Hibiscus


Blinkies and buttons I've collected from other sources. Will link back to the source when possible.

Madoka Kaname Miku Hatsune (World is Mine) Beach view Sayaka Miki Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Pokemon Kris where the f are we Web design is my passion
Cardcaptor Sakura Round Pastel Stars Pink Rotating Gameboy Mahou Shojo Pink SNES Controller Rin and Len Kagamine Neko Atsume (Pumpkin sleeping) Secretly a Mermaid Assorted Fruits Plastic Stars Wings Moon and Stars Holographic Stars Nintendo handhelds Gameboy Advance
love + peace I'm walkin' here!!! Bi pride Havin a whale of a time Snow day Frog Collector Spellcasting Despite everything, it's still you Command ==> Agender pride Shooting star
ASUS Atlus CSS Firefox Neo Geo Pride Sagittarius SNES


Stickers part of the Sticker Sheet Club!

My Stickers

Conch sticker Clownfish sticker

My Sticker Collection

humanfinny's sticker key's sticker arlita's sticker kristal's sticker
bechno's sticker dryad's sticker cinni's sticker cinni's sticker
Kei's sticker Wasongo's sticker Cupid's sticker 74373 Bees's sticker
Eva's sticker Laz's sticker Mizuki's sticker Piranhebula's sticker

CD Collection

My collection of CDs from CDwORLD!


Cycle of Remorse Mood Mix CD

:: Cycle of Remorse Mood Mix [2023]
:: Various Artists
:: Released by PKLucky.
:: Top Tracks: Honey I'm Home, Voices of Svaahaa, Villain
:: ♬ Listen
:: More: A collection of songs that were major inspirations for my Fire Emblem fangame, Cycle of Remorse

Other's CDs