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Forrest: Jake, may I ask you for some advice?
Jake: Well, sure thing, Sir Forrest! What's troubling ya?
Forrest: I... well... This is embarrassing, but... How do you... court a woman?
Jake: Is that all? No need to be so shy about it! So, who's the lucky lady?
Forrest: Th-That is irrelevant, isn't it?
Jake: I suppose. But you gotta tell me who it is at some point, okay?
Forrest: Fine.
Jake: So, first thing's first. You gotta get on this girl's good side. Listen to her problems, do little things for her, stuff like that.
Forrest: I do a lot of that already.
Jake: There we go! You're already ahead of the game here. From there, you drop subtle hints that you like her. Key word here: SUBTLE. Speaking from personal experience.
Forrest: But, it still worked, correct? You and Anna-
Jake: There were other girls before Anna. So many other girls...
Forrest: ... Ah.
Jake: But yeah, subtlety is your best friend. Don't forget it!
Forrest: I apologize, Jake, but subtlety has not made any noticeable difference.
Jake: Huh, really? If that's the case, then might as well just be upfront with her!
Forrest: N-No! That is not an option.
Jake: Alright, alright. I think I see what the problem is. Sir Forrest, what you need is to work on your confidence!
Forrest: My confidence?
Jake: Yup! Once we get that confidence up, you can get your girl, guaranteed!
Forrest: I suppose we can try that.
Jake: Great! I'm gonna brainstorm some ideas for confidence boosters. I'll check back in with ya later.

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S Support

Anna: Jake, there's something really important you need to know.
Jake: Huh, if you're saying it like that, it's gotta be real serious.
Anna: Just please promise me you won't freak out when I tell you.
Jake: Aw, come on already! Just say it! You're making me worry here.
Anna: Alright, here goes... Jake, I... You're going to be a father.
Jake: I... What??
Anna: You're gonna be a father, Jake! I'm pregnant!
Jake: No, no, I get that! It's just... When? How?? I mean, I know HOW. But when did this happen? All this time, we've been too busy to do anything.
Anna: Remember that one night before we got roped into this adventure? That one night when we had you in a-
Jake: Ohhhhhhh. Yeah, that checks out. But, wow. Me, a father... That's... wow. I just wish I knew about this sooner.
Anna: And have you fretting over your girlfriend this entire time? No way!
Jake: I guess that's true...
Anna: And there's still not a thing to worry about now. I've been taking care of myself just fine. We're gonna have a family, Jake. I'll make sure of it.
Jake: Right! And don't forget I'm gonna be here every step of the way too!