Ecco's Supports


C Support

Ecco: Alright, I've gone through the numbers. With Her Highness oh so kindly providing rations, weapons, and all other essentials, we've got an average of 5000 gold to set aside for whatever.
Anil: [Not bad at all. It's been a long time since we've had this big of a budget to work with.]
Ecco: Yup! You know what that means?
Anil: [Saving up for a rainy day for once?]
Ecco: Nope! We're gonna treat ourselves today, Anil! We absolutely deserve it after all our hard work.
Anil: [Why am I not surprised?]
Ecco: Come on. Live a little! You've been so focused on getting jobs done.
Ecco: You're gonna die from stress before you're forty.
Anil: [I don't think that's how that works.]
Ecco: Trust me. If you don't let yourself indulge in the good things in life, you're gonna end up regretting it later. Speaking of indulging, there's this bakery in town that looked like it had the most delicious pies and tarts. And you're gonna try them with me whether you want to or not!
Anil: [Fine, fine. Let's go.]

B Support

Ecco: Anil! We got paid today, and you know what that means!
Anil: [Another day to splurge, I'm guessing?]
Ecco: You know it! Lemme just get my coin pouch then we can- H-Huh?
Anil: [What's wrong?]
Ecco: No, no, no, no. You can't be serious...! My pack's got a hole in it, and my coin pouch isn't in it. And-
Anil: [Calm down. We'll just retrace our steps. I'm sure we can find it.]
Ecco: R-Right.
Scene transitions to outside.
Ecco: Found it! Man, that's a relief.
Anil: [Good. Ready to go on your shopping spree, then?]
Ecco: Erm...
Anil: [Something wrong?]
Ecco: Um, n-no, I... I just remembered I got other stuff to do today! Gotta go!
Ecco leaves the scene.
Anil: ??
Scene transitions to somewhere else outside.
Ecco: Come on, come on... My Tiger Amulet has to be here somewhere... It can't be lost. It just can't...! Maybe I should just... leave it be?

A Support

Anil: [Hey, Ecco. This is yours, right?]
Ecco: My Tiger Amulet! Anil, thank you, thank you, thank you! Where did you find this?
Anil: [Turns out it fell out of your pack while we were at the bakery the other day.]
Ecco: The bakery? Man, I knew I should have checked there first. But what were you doing there in the first place?
Anil: [You seemed anxious lately, so I wanted to get you something to cheer you up. The baker recognized me, so she asked me to give the amulet back to you.]
Ecco: Thanks again, Anil. This is a huge load off my mind.
Anil: [Well, you seem in good spirits now, so I'll be taking this slice of cherry pie the baker gave me.]
Ecco: You got cherry pie?! Let me have a bite!
Anil: [Nah, this is all for me. Besides, aren't you the one who said I should indulge myself?]
Ecco: Ugh, fine. Whatever.
Anil: [Here, I'll let you have a bite if you tell me something.]
Ecco: What is it?
Anil: [Why weren't you honest about losing your Tiger Amulet from the start? You know I would've helped you look for it.]
Ecco: I know, but I didn't really know if I wanted to find it again or not.
Anil: ?
Ecco: That amulet was given to me by the bishops back when I was a monk. I'm not a devout follower of Oreg anymore, so what was the point of keeping it around, right?
Anil: [Right?]
Ecco: But at the same time, it reminds me of all the friends I made back at the temple, so it's still important to me. I don't really know what to do with it...
Anil: [Judging by your reaction when I returned it to you, I think the answer's pretty obvious.]
Ecco: Yeah, you're right. I'll have to keep it somewhere safer from now on.
Anil: [Good. For your honesty, here's your reward.]
Ecco: Lemon tart?! You had this on you the entire time?
Anil: [Yeah. The baker gave me both. Just thought I'd mess with you a bit.]
Ecco: Ugh, you're the worst. But... thanks, Anil. Really.
Anil: [Of course.]

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