Past News Updates


Sep 18: Added a shrine for The King of Fighters For Girls!
The Colored Manga page is now a subpage in Art! All Self-Ship pages and Game Blogs pages are now under the Shrines page! A Sitemap has been added!

Sep 16: The Self-Ship subpages are now all mobile-friendly!

Sep 07: New fanfic: Something, Something, Yashiro's Big Snake 🔞 released!

Sep 04: The Webcomic Webring is now live!

Aug 31: Added a Webcomics subpage to the Art page!

Aug 29: Profile for my DnD character Ferrach added!

Aug 23: Added a profile for my S/I for Something's Wrong With Sunny Day Jack, Kiki 🔞!

Aug 22: Added new buttons to the Goodies page! Added a profile for my OC Damien!

Aug 21: New website font! And a section for websites without a banner or button was added to the Cool Sites page!
The Ultimate Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Personality Quiz got a graphical update! Now with the PMD font and a toggleable animated background!
Added an About page!

Aug 19: New code snippets added to the Code Snippets page! Art and pictures in the Art page, OCs and More subpages, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons page now have short descriptions!

Aug 18: The Code Snippets page is now live! As promised, my music player code is free for public use with credit as well!

Aug 16: The Ultimate Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Personality Quiz has been added to the Games page!

Aug 12: The Self-ship subpages have new and improved music player code!

Aug 09: The Animal Crossing: New Horizons page now has a background that changes with the seasons and a (somewhat) functioning Tape Deck!

Aug 06: The Lounge has been renovated! The site is structured a lot closer to how I wanted it to be in the first place. The Cool Sites section on the sidebar now has a dedicated page!

Jul 31: The Self-Ship page now has fun graphics for each shrine! Animal Crossing: New Horizons page has been added to the Game Blogs section!

Jul 18: Goodies page has been added! Game Blogs page has been added!

Jul 17: The Juicy Tropics vending machine has receieved a graphical upgrade!

Jul 16: New art posted! Video sections added to Self-ship subpages!

Jul 15: Mixtape sections have been added to the Self-Ship subpages!

Jul 12: Self-Ship page and subpages have been added! Time for the webmaster to go absolutely buck-wild.

Jul 10: A chat box (powered by Cbox) has been added to the site! (Right sidebar on desktop or bottom of the screen on mobile)

Jul 08: New fanfic: Dance Around Our Feelings released!

Jul 07: Music page has been added!

Jun 25: Games page has been added!

Jun 10: New speedpaint uploaded to YouTube!

May 28: Profile pictures added for Akira, Anna, Haru, Kai, Lunara, Marina, Tyran, and Xiang!

Apr 28: New fanfic: Volo's Second Chance has been posted!
Profiles for OCs have been added! A Fan Kids section has been added to the OC page!

Apr 24: Casey's profile has been updated!

Apr 19: The lounge is officially open for business! Feel free to browse around.